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[Compensation Claim] Industrial Court dismisses suit against Seven-Up in its entirety

43 Thursday 29th October 2020

The Presiding Judge, Kaduna Judicial Division of the National Industrial Court, His Lordship, Hon. Justice Sinmisola Adeniyi has dismissed the case filed by Mr. Shedrach Daniel against Seven-Up Bottling Company ltd on compensation claim for alleged permanent disability in its entirety for lacking in merit.

Justice Adeniyi held that Daniel’s has placed no credible evidence before the Court to establish that he indeed suffered disability at the material time, and also failed to establish conclusively any act of the breach of duty of care. 

From facts, the claimant’s - Mr. Shedrach Daniel had submitted that in 2015, while in the employment of the firm he had an accident and sustained injuries that he was rushed to a private hospital for the treatment which he settled the medical bill personally and alleged further that due to the injury sustained from the accident he lost the use of his right hand and amenities of life, sought for the sum of N3,000,000.00 (Three Million Naira) for the trauma, loss of amenities and permanent disability suffered.

The Claimant alleged that his appointment was subsequently terminated by the firm for being redundant due to the loss of his right hand.

In defence, the firm contended that there was no formal report by the Claimant of the accident and/or injury sustained and that the said accident and/or injury did not occur in the official duties that the Claimant had the duty to officially report the accident that the Claimant ought to have obtained medical treatment at the hospital retained by the company.

The firm counsel Valentin Ajibo Esq asked for determination whether from the totality of evidence led and the circumstances of the case if the Claimant has proved his case and is entitled to the relief sought.

Delivering the Judgment, the presiding Judge, Hon. Justice Sinmisola Adeniyi held that Daniel's failed to categorically or precisely state how the firm breached the duty of care or the manner in which the conduct of the firm was careless which consequently occasioned the damage or loss suffered by him. 

“My finding in this regard is therefore that the Claimant failed to establish the material point, by cogent evidence, as to the particular manner and circumstances by which the Defendant purportedly breached the duty of care, other than merely stating that he had an accident and was treated in a hospital. 

“I have examined the said Medical Report, Even though the Claimant claimed he was incapacitated by the accident, there is nothing in the document that states as such. The undated document is a mere result of an examination purportedly conducted on the Claimant and the treatment administered on him. 

“On a final note, therefore, my conclusion and judgment is that the Claimant’s case, in its entirety, is feeble, lacked in merit and substance. It shall be and it is hereby accordingly dismissed.”

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