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Industrial Court Judge, Justice Sanusi Kado gives out daughter, Zahra for marriage in Katsina

424 Monday 30th November -0001

A daughter’s wedding day is the biggest event for a parent. The emotions and the wishes from parents to daughter hold all the love and affection which means a lot.

Friday 6th May 2022 would continue to be a memorable and happiest day, to say the least as the Judges, staff of the National Industrial Court of Nigeria, families; friends, and well-wishers gathered to celebrate the Wedding Fatiha of the Daughter of Hon. Justice Sanusi Kado, Judge of the National Industrial Court of Nigeria, Calabar Judicial division, Fatima Sanusi Kado (Zahra), and her soul-mate Umar Sani.

The Wedding Fatiha took place after Juma’a Prayer at Abu Huraira Juma’a Mosque behind Afdin Filling Station, Adjacent Police Headquarters Katsina.

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